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Author: Arjun Verma
Subject: Trailer rebuild
Info: (440 views) Posted: Saturday 1-29-22 10:55:22 PM
Hi :

I recently acquired Hull # 70, Wetsu, now renamed as Nesher.

I just finished the rebuild of the trailer, I thought I would share the contact information of the resources I used to rebuild the trailer:

1. Trailer Servicing: Peter/Performance Trailers Ph : (925) 914 0836. This is a mobile service, they will come out to your location to change bearings, fix brakes etc. If your trailer is roadworthy, it may be cheaper to take the trailer in to a trailer repair shop.

2. Sandblasting: Fidel/Spray Technology, Santa Clara Ph: (408) 806 7343

3. Painting: Raul/ Rara Trucking, San Jose Ph : ( 408) 422 3861

I bought all the parts from Home Depot/ Home Depot is preferable as it is easier to return parts if you need to.

The trailer is at space # 8 at Brickyard Cove.

I am still in the process of getting the boat up to speed, hopefully will be able to start racing in a few weeks.

I have met a few of you, look forward to meeting more of you.

Please do get in touch with me if you have any questions in regard to the rebuild.


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