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Author: Jason
Info: (2880 views) Posted: Thursday 10-8-20 02:18:33 PM
Thanks for the info Jason!

I am definitely using Vinylester resin for all things fiberglass related but always good to call it out since epoxy is prevalent in the marine industry.

For the deck paint, did you use Awlgrip or some other product? I am assuming your sprayed it but if not, that would be good to know as well.

For the foam that you used - Any details on that? I am partial to consistent materials, so I haven't really considered foam but I get the argument as to why it was chosen over balsa.

I don't think I have as much core replacement as you do but I have also not dug into the project so that remains to be seen LOL. I will try to take some photos and share what I learn as well in the interest of making it easier for folks in the future.

Thanks for sharing!


:: Hey Jason!
:: The deck is painted and is a two part epoxy paint, so it
:: should last a long time, and is easy to match if ever
:: needed. Gelcoat is harder to match and changes color
:: with age so you will see the repairs over time as it
:: ages more.
:: Yes, we used foam core to replace the balsa as it does
:: not absorb water like balsa does. No, not worried about
:: and expansion or contraction issues. The bigger issue is
:: making sure you use vinylester resin and not epoxy
:: resin. The boats were built with vinylester and you want
:: to continue with that same material with any repairs you
:: do.
:: Definitely fix those soft spots now before you redo your
:: deck. As you can see from my pictures, we had a LOT of
:: bad balsa to replace. If you want the boat to last you
:: need to get that wet balsa out of there.
:: Good luck with #59 and keep us posted!
:: Cheers,

:: Jason
:: :: Looking good Jason!
:: ::
:: :: A couple of questions for you -
:: ::
:: :: Did you paint the deck or did you do gelcoat? It looks
:: :: like paint from the pics. I am asking since I am
:: :: prepping to do the deck on my boat and I am seriously
:: :: considering gelcoat due to how long it lasted. I still
:: :: have the original deck on my boat and while not perfect
:: :: by any means, it is still very workable.
:: ::
:: :: I also have some soft spots to fix. From the pics it
:: :: looks like you used foam. If so, what type of foam and
:: :: were you concerned about expansion/contraction issues
:: :: with the different types of materials (IE balsa vs
:: :: foam)?
:: ::
:: :: Thanks taking the time. It is always nice to hear how
:: :: other people approached things and why.
:: ::
:: :: Jason
:: :: Hull #59
:: ::
:: :: :: Hey Fellow e27 lovers! Figured I would document my
:: :: :: progress on the restoration of hull #3 Light'n'up and
:: :: :: share it with you all. It has been a long road, but the
:: :: :: boat is starting to look like she is ready to race
:: :: :: again. Have to give all the props to Rufus for doing
:: :: :: such a great job!!! I uploaded a bunch of pics to the
:: :: :: photo gallery under "E27 Hull #3 retrofit" for those who
:: :: :: want to see the progress.
:: :: ::
:: :: :: Still have to clean up the interior, but the outside is
:: :: :: like a brand new Ultimate Sailing Machine!
:: :: ::
:: :: :: I will continue to post pics of my progress as I get
:: :: :: closer to the finish line.
:: :: ::
:: :: :: Anyone thinking about bringing their boat back to life
:: :: :: and being the best looking boat on the bay...reach out
:: :: :: to Rufus for sure! There are several e27's out there now
:: :: :: he has redone!
:: :: ::
:: :: :: Cheers,
:: ::
:: :: :: Jason

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