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Author: Neal Holmlund
Subject: Rudder Post Failure
Info: (738 views) Posted: Thursday 9-3-20 10:24:36 AM
Thanks for your comments JB. I cannot see enough detail in the photos you mentioned to understand fully the cap-to-post connection. I'll discuss repair options with the boatyard, should be straightforward.

:: Hi Neal, thanks for the alert and pictures.

:: I have hull #100 and my rudder post differs in design.
:: Instead of set screws and weld/braze holding the cap to
:: the post, I have one hole thru the post and and a thru
:: bolt at the cap end that secures it.
:: Sorry no pics, but take a look at 395.jpg (first row) &
:: 1027.jpg (second to last row) under the "rigging and
:: layout" gallery. Mine is identical to 395, but 1027
:: appears to have a similar thru bolt going thru cap and
:: rudder post.
:: In a non-rescue scenario, I have carried a long post and
:: even a 3 lbs sand filled hammer to drive a stuck rudder
:: post out. I had planned on cinching line to the blade
:: and post before hand, maybe even lower a part of my shy
:: kite to act as a wet-drift catch.
:: Glad your failure happened within the Bay.
:: JB
:: :: We suffered a dangerous rudder post failure on e27 #91
:: :: during the Round the Rocks Race this past Saturday.
:: :: Sailing upwind in moderate breeze and small chop. I have
:: :: posted some photos under the gallery "Rudder Post
:: :: Failure". Appears to be a failure of a welded or brazed
:: :: joint between the rudder post cap and tube. Thankfully
:: :: the rudder is buoyant so we did not lose it, it floated
:: :: within the guide tube until we got back to the dock
:: :: under tow. I assume this design is common within the
:: :: fleet so I urge you to inspect this joint to prevent
:: :: additional failures in the fleet.

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