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Author: Seth
Subject: Express For Sale by RYC
Info: (646 views) Posted: Monday 4-15-19 11:06:09 PM
This was posted to Richmond Yacht club members -- If you plan to participate, please contact the Harbormaster, Tim Petrick, at:

RYC Members: This is your independent notice that a boat Lien Sale will occur at RYC on April 24, 2019. Sale of the below described boats will promptly begin in West Lot at 11:00AM. Starting bids will be announced the morning of the sale. Upon completion of these two lien sales, the related cash payment in full is to be accepted and held by RYC pending DMV approval of the sale prices (DMV approval takes approximately 2 weeks). Both of the boats described below are to be sold "as is" and must be removed from RYC property within 2 weeks from the date on which notification of sale acceptance by the DMV has been received and conveyed to the buyer. 1. Express 27 on a trailer (Sale #1, located in West Lot) Light’n Up is in fair condition despite lack of use. The boat is dry and with minor work can be sailed competitively once again. It comes with a full complement of used sails. The trailer is solid, but needs new tires and some minor maintenance is required for it to be road safe again.

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