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Author: Jason
Subject: Backstay
Info: (1311 views) Posted: Tuesday 6-19-18 01:45:23 AM
Hey Ryan,

Hard to say what you have without a picture. On my boat (#59), I had the original backstay. This was basically a block and tackle below decks on a strap in the very after part of the transom. It was 12:1 with the 6:1 portion below deck. From the 6:1, there is a wire that came up through the deck, went through a block on the backstay itself and then fed down to an eye strap on the deck. The actual tail for the backstay came out of a hole in the cockpit to a cleat right below the tiller. I don't think I have any photos of my old backstay setup unfortunately.

What I will say is that I believe most folks have gone away from this setup to something with more purchase. I am currently running something similar to this photo ( but I am using lead rings vs blocks with the exception of a block where the purchase attaches to the backstay. I am using Wichard (be sure to use cast eyes if you do this type of backstay) that are 8MM in size. I have one on each side. I did this rather than the eyestrap route that will see in the photo.

I will try to take some photos but that likely won't happen till Wednesday if I remember. Wednesday is our beer can racing night and so I am a bit distracted with that but I will try to grab some photos of what I currently.


:: Hello,
:: We are progressing on getting hull #88 in the water at
:: some time this season.
:: The original backstay is throwing us for a loop. We
:: canít seem to find where the block connects in the hull
:: and where the line should come out.
:: Any quick photos or notes to share? Trying to this ready
:: for launch right after this weekend.
:: Ryan

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