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Author: Jason ( contact the author
Subject: new owner
Info: (4997 views) Posted: Sunday 2-4-18 09:21:41 PM
Welcome Ryan! Let us know what hull number you found! I would be glad to help you out with a list of lines. Pretty much want to go with 3/16" core with 5/16" cover on the halyards and spin sheet with the last 20' stripped to just the core. Get rid of the shackles and just tie bowlines! Shoot me an email with any questions. Currently prepping and getting ready for the 2018 Paccup! Love these boats!

Cheers, Jason

:: Hello,
:: I'm a new Owner of an Express 27. The boat is a true
:: barn find - it has't been in the water for over 20 years
:: but is in great shape.
:: Halyards and sheets need replacement. The main and
:: forward halyards are wire and the rest are fairly
:: deteriorated. I'm hoping someone can provide some
:: guidance on a rope kit (e.g. list of lines, diameter and
:: lengths) for the boat.
:: All cam cleats, sheaves, clutches, etc. are original as
:: well. Looking for any preferences on shackles for
:: halyards too.
:: Thanks in advance for your responses.
:: Best,
:: Ryan

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