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Author: Pete
Subject: Rope Jib Halyards bogus
Info: (1567 views) Posted: Wednesday 11-8-17 09:05:31 AM

:: Anyone else having trouble with rope jib halyards? I've
:: been using crystaline 5/16, a line that has minimal
:: stretch and creep, and cannot maintain enough luff
:: tension. I have a jib halyard tensioner and that helps a
:: little but I still watch the wrinkles creep back every
:: upwind leg. Anyone know a line that does not stretch and
:: creep? Has anyone gone to wire for jib halyards? SDK

Here are two options you can try... 1. Remove halyard and put in under about 2-3K pounds of tension. This will set the line and your shackle splice 2. Switch to New England heat set dyneema. This is now being used as standing rigging and as long as you size it where it's only being loaded to no more than 20% of the breaking strength (10% is what you look for with actual standing rigging) the stretching will be very low(the same as 1 x 19 standing wire). Again you will need to load it up if you plan to splice on a shackle but it is so strong that you can knot it and the strength loss will not matter. You will also need to cleat this line or sew on a jacket for clutching since it is very slipppery.

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