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Author: Steve Kattzman
Subject: A plan to bring your boat to Tahoe
Info: (2048 views) Posted: Thursday 6-1-17 09:35:29 PM
Hello Expressionists, See the below message. Stick around and enjoy sailing Lake Tahoe. SDK

:: This plan centers around two dates :June 24 Trans Tahoe
:: Race , Tahoe Yacht Club, and July 8 Southern Crossing
:: Race, Lake Tahoe Windjammers Yacht Club. The basic plan
:: is trailer up and launch at Tahoe City during the week
:: prior to the Trans Tahoe, do that race and then leave
:: the boat at Ross Groelz's dock on the South Shore, or
:: cruise around and enjoy the lake or whatever, then do
:: the Southern Crossing Race. Then retrieve the boat back
:: to the trailer at Tahoe City. The dates can be variable,
:: you don't have to do both races. The catch is Trans
:: Tahoe Race offers a discounted launch and retrieve that
:: we cannot duplicate here on the South Shore.
:: Ross Groelz has a very accessible and secure dock behind
:: his home in residential section of Tahoe Keys in South
:: Lake Tahoe. He has offered to let visiting boats tie up
:: there, free of charge.
:: The Trans Tahoe is on the Express 27 distance race
:: schedule. It is a point to point race in the north end
:: of Lake Tahoe, organized by the Tahoe Yacht

:: club. The Southern Crossing is a point to point race in
:: the southern part of Lake Tahoe organized by the Lake
:: Tahoe Windjammers YC. Entry fee are roughly $130 and $60
:: respectively.
:: Contact people are: Ross Groelz,

:: John Morrison,

:: Steve Katzman,
:: Make the plan,

:: SDK Steve Katzman

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