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Author: Bryan ( contact the author
Info: (3423 views) Posted: Tuesday 12-27-16 07:10:42 PM
You might get a better answer from somebody else....

I'm currently working on my boat with coastal/offshore in mind so I made a pass through these rules for Cats 1/2/3.

The transpac and pacific cup are category 1 races and I know E27's routinely compete in these so it must not be too hard to comply with the rules.

From what I remember, the one question mark were the gaps between the stanchions. If I remember correctly, the distance between the aft stanchion and stern pulpit is too great. BUT... if boats are racing it they must have gotten around this some how.

The rest was all about equipment which isn't too hard to meet- though some of those flares are ridiculously expensive.

Another thing I took note of was not to send lines through the deck.

Let me know how this goes.. I plan to resume my rebuilding efforts this weekend.


:: Has anyone gone through the Cat3 requirements recently
:: and are there any problem areas for the E27?
:: Thinking about some east coast coastal/offshore racing -
:: I'll have to parse through everything but maybe someone
:: has already been through this...

:: -dan
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