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Author: Zachery ( contact the author
Subject: Schedule Draft
Info: (8101 views) Posted: Thursday 12-22-16 05:23:24 PM
Here is the Draft Schedule for the 2017 LD and Championship Seasons. I will take all comments into consideration between now and the Dec 29th. In particular if people would like to switch out some races in the LDS i am open to that. I will post the final on Jan 1. But in the end I am going to make a call based on what believe is best for the fleet.

My goals with our schedule are as follows. 1. No overlapping regattas (never split the fleet) 2. Get maximum turnout and make the season competitive 3. Roughly one LD and Buoy race a month from March to October. 4. Keep the total entry costs for the season around $1000 4. Support the YC that is hosting Nationals 5. Don't overlap with regattas that pull our crews away (RBBS, Express 37 Nationals, Moore 24 Nationals). 6. Pick up as many of the SSS races as possible in the LDS series. 7. Have at least one Ocean race on the schedule

Remember that the scoring rules for the fleet req you to do half the starts. What is below will require 6 starts for LDS and 19 for Championship.

Championship Season 1/28 Three Bridge Fiasco SSS 2/25 E27 Fleet Clinic #1 RYC 3/45 Spring One Design StFYC 3/4 Fleet Party & Awards StFYC 4/22-23 Resin Regatta SFYC 5/6-7 The Great Vallejo Race VYC 5/20-21 Elite Keel SFYC 6/17-18 One Design Invitational CYC 7/8* Lipton Cup PICYA 8/5-6 Summer Keel SFYC 9/23 E27 Clinic #2 RYC 10/6-8 Express 27 Nationals RYC 10/28 The Great Pumpkin D1 RYC *1 Boat Per Yacht Club

Long Distance Series 1/28 Three Bridge Fiasco SSS 3/18 DH Farallones BAMA 3/25 DH Corinthian CYC 4/15 Round The Rocks SSS 5/6-7 The Great Vallejo Race VYC 6/10 Delta Ditch RYC 7/29 Second Half Opener EYC 9/2 Jazz Cup SBYC 9/30 Season Closer CYC 10/7 Express 27 Nationals RYC 10/29 Great Pumpkin Pursuit RYC

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