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Author: Mike Bruzzone ( contact the author
Subject: Lipton Cup Situation Report 4 2017
Info: (1572 views) Posted: Wednesday 9-14-16 12:21:29 AM
On my participation at PICYA combination of sailing and power squadron awards last night (there were no power squadron only YRA not certain why) e27s need to raise a minimum of 5, and more likely 6 to 8 interclub e27 participants to compete in this Lipton event in 2017 v other class coalitions.

Above 5 and interclub class aims for Little Lipton v Larry Night and Jim and Fred from EYC agree on mentioning you know who and all the available alternatives conscripted by the club.

And where were the StFYC contingent?

Honest, in the past I participated in competing for these spots parallel Mallory representation and what happen to that?

Bill Gargan from Sausalito (for class admin bgargan@ Director PICYA thinks so with Chuck S who are Sausalito PICYA race committee and agree; among the inter yacht club class associations possible capable can lock is those (their) regatta spot; Big Lipton, Little Lipton, Larry Night, Admiral Trophy, by providing entries tomorrow, or soon thereafter.

I know all the possibilities expressed to me by RC; shivers.

E27 is Larry Knight trophy now and can move to the auld Little Lipton Cup that is one of two Lipton (think Carnegie Library) that did not melt down in the StFYC fire on location in a forbidden location that also needs equitable address.

PICYA plans a May or so audit of fleet schedules to determine the weekend racing date. There was nothing wrong with this year’s July date, or ever, that is a very traditional entry point v into September and October proposed outcomes on audit, or leadership, please close this obvious July time spot.

Or, coordinate, that is a harder and has nothing to do with me (why work over hard) but may other class competitors. Close the obvious July time option with 8 boats and lead in this conversation.

PICYA I ultimately determined, who my relative Ralph Call prior RYC Commodore emeritus, founding member and once PICYA commodore, exists today, at the very tippy top of all the boating fun to liaison California Constitution Section 25; The people shall have the right to fish upon and from the public lands of the State and in the waters thereof, and Section 3(a).The people have the right to instruct their representatives, which SYC members have looked after 41 years on my knowledge of those constituents.

Grab the Larry Night with 5 boats and move up to the Little Lipton trophy spot now with an 6,7,8 boats to take that leadership role.

Mike Bruzzone Owner emeritus

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