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Author: Zack Anderson
Subject: Schedule
Info: (3947 views) Posted: Tuesday 1-5-16 05:59:58 PM

Sure I will post up what i have so far. Yes the Nationals long distance race will be part of the long distance series. Yes it ends up having a big weight, as does 3BF. I understand your position. But, this is kind of the point, to win the season you have to do well in the highly competitive races and also do enough of the other races to qualify. I work pretty hard to make sure that you can not win if you only do one or the other.


:: Zac,

:: Can you please post a preliminary schedule for the fleet
:: to have some input? and does the nationals have to be
:: part of long distance series as it seems to heavily skew
:: the overall results and undermines the lower attended
:: events?

:: Thanks for you hard work.

:: mike
:: :: All,
:: ::
:: :: Thank you for the input. I think we are all thinking
:: :: along the same lines. We have two regattas left to
:: :: confirm (a late summer and the date of nationals). I am
:: :: hoping to get those locked down in the next week and
:: :: will post a schedule then. Rest assured that 3BF will be
:: :: on the schedule. So if you want to register for that, go
:: :: for it. If you have other input please either post it
:: :: here or send to me. Zack

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