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Author: Jason M
Subject: Trailer Options
Info: (6488 views) Posted: Sunday 11-1-15 12:42:00 AM
Hey Brendan,

Definitely not too late as I am still looking at options. Good to know regarding DHM. Did you buy a trailer from them?

The biggest issue with trail-rite is the extra 14 hours (round trip that is) of driving that is required to go get it.

Thanks for responding.


:: Too late for this thread, but if anyone else needs an
:: alternative trailer manufacturer, DHM trailers in
:: Sacramento does extremely nice work. I believe they are
:: called 'California Trailer Works' now...
:: :: Hi Everyone,
:: ::
:: :: I figured I would ping the message board and see what
:: :: other folks have done regarding replacing their
:: :: trailers. I am going to buy a new trailer and I have
:: :: called trail-rite and they can certainly do the job. The
:: :: only issue I have is that it is a long way to go from
:: :: Hood River to buy a trailer, especially when I have no
:: :: reason to go to the LA area other than to pick up a
:: :: trailer.
:: ::
:: :: Has anyone found a good solid trailer builder in the bay
:: :: area? I have family there and I am going to be at
:: :: Nationals, so this would be the best of both worlds.
:: :: Ideally the company would have already built a couple of
:: :: replacement trailers for the E 27 so I am not
:: :: re-inventing the wheel.
:: ::
:: :: Also, my current trailer would make a good yard trailer.
:: :: Frankly it is probably a fine trailer for towing as well
:: :: but I need a bit better trailer since I am planning on
:: :: doing a fair bit of trailering/ramp launching. This is
:: :: all in hoes of getting to the bay area next year for
:: :: some races as well as camper sailing the boat.
:: ::
:: :: The other thing I wanted to see about is whether there
:: :: would there be any interest in my current trailer once I
:: :: get a new trailer?
:: ::
:: :: Thanks in advance for the responses.
:: ::
:: :: Jason

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