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Author: Ted Lohr
Info: (4552 views) Posted: Tuesday 7-28-15 08:06:09 PM
Monster Express is looking to head down from the Gorge!

:: Trying to get morale up for Nationals. Goal is to get
:: 25+++ boats and make a statement as the best one design
:: fleet on the bay. CYC race committee did an awesome job
:: this weekend at One Design Invitational. There should be
:: 70-90 boats on the bay maybe? We can do it. CYC has
:: great deck too. Always a plus. Lots of boats for sale
:: and big numbers might get them in SF racers hands.
:: I race 505s and the great thing they do is debriefs
:: after everyday. We have some of the best upwind sailors
:: or all around sailors on the bay. Dan, Rivlins, Brendan,
:: Will is okay, and the list goes on. If you want to take
:: your sailing to the next level come out and learn from
:: these guys. Then try to kick their ass!
:: Andale fired up coming out. Conrad? We could use some
:: personality. Marcia or Mikey try to get Big Bang Theory?
:: Salty Hotel take nationals first year? Shenanigans let
:: Will know you're still the head honcho? Make Me Smile?
:: Magic Bus? Peggy? Any of the guys from up North planning
:: on coming down? We had 14 for the Ditch I think. If
:: everyone buys in we can def get a huge turnout. Nothing
:: like starting on a line with 20 plus. So many races
:: within the race.

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