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Author: Ted Lohr ( contact the author
Subject: Main car traveler
Info: (8793 views) Posted: Thursday 6-14-12 03:44:25 PM
We had problems pulling the washers into the glass/core under the deck. I highly suggest using some type of backing plate. We use a high density plastic sheeting material that seems to be working. The thought was to use something strong and light, but with a little bit of flex so we wouldn't point load the edges of the backing plate.

I just purchased new Torlon Ball Bearings for our car. It's scheduled as my Father's Day project. Since it's the older style, I called Harken and they said it's tedius, but the balls can be replaced with the car still on the track -- open one end, heel the boat towards the other and one by one load the balls. I've been told the last couple you can use a dab of shaving cream to hold them in place while you re-attach the end cap. Also told to make sure to have a bucket underneath to catch the ones you drop.

Good luck.

:: The traveler should be through-bolted. The bolts should
:: pass through the wood and have nuts & washers on the
:: inside of the boat. This whole system takes quite a bit
:: of load...
:: Unfortunately, removing & reinstalling the traveler is a
:: bit of a job and may require two people. Plus, the
:: screws through the seats go through balsa-cored deck and
:: should be sealed well when re-installed.
:: It is much easier to replace the bearings if you have a
:: plastic bearing loader from Harken. These come with the
:: travelers when they are new. Otherwise, folks use
:: shaving cream to hold the bearings in place while you
:: stuff them in, and wash it out after full assembly.
:: Good luck,

:: --brendan
:: :: I have a windward sheet traveler and it appears that it
:: :: is starting to lose the ball bearings. Lots of sloppy
:: :: play and I can see the top cleats are losing the bearing
:: :: also.
:: ::
:: :: I want to repair or replace it. My question is .. Are
:: :: the screws / bolts supporting this driller through the
:: :: deck or is it just in the wood? Just trying to find out
:: :: before I remove the track to remove the car.
:: ::
:: :: thanks,
:: :: Don
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