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Author: Mike Bruzzone
Subject: 2010 Fun Series Weight Limit Soft Sounding
Info: (8397 views) Posted: Thursday 10-29-09 11:44:25 PM
Hi Tom:

I appreciate your suggestion as one method to sort out the weight limit in some fashion for fun series.

Within the scheduling committee we've talked about your solution. Rather then black and white, hard or fast, have been figuring out what some of the more creative and unique solutions are. So we've moved beyond the base idea looking for a mutually easy solution. Granted series committee was not established to address the limit, but its kinda natural to address the limit considering how Funs Series events could accomodate the test free from buoy unique series.

Solutions that test the idea of weight rasing leaving the slightest impact on the fleet. With no impact on buoy unique series. Solutions that offer ability to test and collect change knowledge without changing much.

Something acceptable to everyone because everyone would gain including the fleet. The fleet part from attracting new crew who are potential owners including from the under utilizied 200# crew weight class.

Conversation has coinsidered the hard & fast fleet vote on some split which seems harsh from the standpoint of mutual advantage between established and upside of the potentuial change which is to a) open a spot to introduce people to the class, b) foster people within the class, c) train new people under less than stringent buoy conditions, d) raise weight to a physical higher performance limit that the boat loves on the right type of race, e) compensate for some of us weighty owners. f) test the limit to get the intuitive data at least for further evaluation.

It got down to the only way we could move beyond inherent dificulties of raisng the limit as a test, to get the data, was that the test had had to have little or no impact on what is.

Also, that we would never know the new data for evaluation unless we try something to get that benchmark.

Larry's rule which is used in some other fleets, has been circling back in the committee as tough to swallow, from the standpoint of restraining the driver to that position. Its a method but this objection keeps circling back.

On Fun creative and easy to swallow track one solution under consideration is that in the fun common set of races with buoy; 5 on established preference 3 Bridge, Crewed LS, Vallejo, Ditch & 2nd Half opener, be sailed at 880 + one new person you want to introduce to the fleet at up to $200#s.

Obviously only 3 of these races qualify strategically at 880 + 200. And the poll might throw CLS out of the schedule but complete ocean poll results aren't in yet on the 2:3 decision.

CLS is also the optimum race for 1080# . And I think it would bring Gibbons, Busch, Madrigali, Thorpe, Hodges, Easom, the weighties and the professionals back into the fleet for this race only. Lose CLS from the Fun series schedule and of course this ideal race springboard for 1080 experience would also be lost.

Perhaps the other races would interest the weighties and professionals or those capable of recruting the profesionals. Or perhaps owners would simply bring a sixth friend or trainee which is the actual goal of the test. We'll pick up some new intitutive data at the very least on weight performance, and fun performance, and it opens up a new crew spot in a few races where it could make sense. And we'll know more as a fleet only if we try something. Again that something has to have little of no impact.

So if CLS does not make the poll, and we don't know yet, only 2 common races would qualify for 880 + 200; Vallejo return and 2nd Half Opener. In addition Fun series unique scored races Sarcoma Sunday and Great Pumpkin Sunday could qualify strategically at this formula. And why not for a Fun sail with one more friend in these party chase races?

Again the idea is to introduce someone to the boat or bring someone unique to the regular crew that is less than a totally trained crew. And if thats 4 races a year what of it?

So the creative part for the fleet, to avoid any head on with buoy, or pressing any limit modification on buoy, is simply to bring someone you wouldn't normally bring becuase of the 880 weight restriction, but want to, within this simple framwork and for these few Fun races only.

In thinking up and proposing this tapered solution in committee, your inputs to me persoanlly were taken into account pursuit to least impact on established family buoy racing team. And the only input that we figured you could live without was to bring one extra person, for up to six crew total, on up to four Fun races with parties.

In retrospect to your objection of 6 due to room and what that person has to do, we figured you'd see fleet benefit in this small compromise to take an extra friend on up to four Fun series races. Which copuld be a trainnee that's tough to train in a real round the buoys race.

This option tests the idea with little overall impact and enables the fleet to see what a higher weight limit holds on the 6 goals; introduce, foster train, raise & compensate for these races only in the 2010 Fun series season.

What do you think? Inputs from anyone else?


:: I would suggest that one vote for the 'fun series' be
:: made by the E27 Board, directed to currently paid up
:: boat owning members of the SF Fleet ONLY for a vote on
:: the weight issue. Taking a 'soft sounding' on the weight
:: issue is no means by which to take action on. I would
:: say that once the vote is completed by the fleet
:: members, that the issue come to a close and be accepted
:: by all owners.

:: -Tom
:: :: This soft sounding is for Fun series participants only
:: :: and does not effect Buoy series.
:: ::
:: :: The inquiry is, "All Fun Racers AGAINST adopting Larry's
:: :: weight rule allowing owners their free weight on the
:: :: rail above their 176# mean average crew weight please
:: :: state that objection here in reply.
:: ::
:: :: Let us know over the next month.
:: ::
:: :: Thanks,
:: :: Mike
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