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Author: Marcia
Subject: 2010 Fun Series Weight Limit Soft Sounding
Info: (8750 views) Posted: Thursday 10-29-09 11:18:32 PM
I would vote to increase the weight limit to like 980 or 1000. I would not vote to allow the skipper's weight to be excluded from the count, in any manner. That makes no sense to me at all, Larry's attempt at explaining the math calculations notwithstanding.


:: I would suggest that one vote for the 'fun series' be
:: made by the E27 Board, directed to currently paid up
:: boat owning members of the SF Fleet ONLY for a vote on
:: the weight issue. Taking a 'soft sounding' on the weight
:: issue is no means by which to take action on. I would
:: say that once the vote is completed by the fleet
:: members, that the issue come to a close and be accepted
:: by all owners.

:: -Tom
:: :: This soft sounding is for Fun series participants only
:: :: and does not effect Buoy series.
:: ::
:: :: The inquiry is, "All Fun Racers AGAINST adopting Larry's
:: :: weight rule allowing owners their free weight on the
:: :: rail above their 176# mean average crew weight please
:: :: state that objection here in reply.
:: ::
:: :: Let us know over the next month.
:: ::
:: :: Thanks,
:: :: Mike
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