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Author: Mike Bruzzone ( contact the author
Subject: 7/24-26 & 7/11-12
Info: (13920 views) Posted: Tuesday 1-13-09 09:38:35 AM
Hi eric:

Just a note that 7/24-26 conflicts with 2nd half opener proposed on Buoy & Fun schedule.

Silver Eagle on 7/11-12 hasn't been getting any interest, that I know of, so this proposal date apears clear for NA's.

7/31-8/2 also remains clear of porposed race day conflicts.


:: As you may be aware, we've been working with SCYC to
:: find a date to hold the e27 Nationals in Santa Cruz this
:: summer.
:: One of the lead candidates has been 7/31-8/2, as has
:: been noted in the schedule thread on the message board
:: previously.
:: A few fleet members have pointed out various conflicts
:: with this date, and we are looking at a few
:: alternatives. We expect a final decision to be made
:: shortly after the SCYC regatta committee meeting
:: tomorrow at which the club's 2009 schedule will be
:: finalized.

:: The better alternative dates that may be available are
:: 7/10-7/12 and 7/24-7/26.
:: If anyone would like to provide input regarding these
:: dates, please post to this thread before tomorrow
:: afternoon.

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