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Author: Mike Bruzzone ( contact the author
Subject: Doublehanded Farallones & LShip
Info: (19163 views) Posted: Friday 2-1-08 03:07:10 PM
Hi Everyone:

Desperado is doing LightShip and doublehanded Farallones.

I don't have any problem with anyone bringing their ocean gear. Or shy kite.

In fact, might I add the question are boats fully compliant with all the safety gear? Its a lot of extra weight that can also add inequity reqardless of the safety requirement.

I have a sixth crew that wants to go on LightShip does anyone mind a little extra weight?


:: From my recollection at the '07 Nationals Skipper's
:: meeting, shykites would be OK for class races scheduled
:: beyond Pt. Bonita, but that specialty kites like
:: reachers would not. Few opinions were that it would lead
:: to a cost prohibitive arms race. Those people wishing to
:: use the specialty kites could still race under their
:: regular PHRF. Is my recollection correct? Help me out
:: here, guys! But yes, nothing as been added to the
:: written rules yet.
:: Joe B.
:: :: Last year was the first time in the 8 years I've done
:: :: the doublehanded Farallones race that the class
:: :: disallowed shykites. It had always been agreed upon that
:: :: outside the gate we could sail with anything allowable
:: :: under PHRF, i.e. shykites, reachers, etc. This
:: :: arrangement was supposed to have been written into the
:: :: rules. I plan on going this year and ,would like to race
:: :: with the class and bring all my ocean equipment.

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