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Author: Jason ( contact the author
Subject: Upgraded Winches
Info: (14585 views) Posted: Monday 10-22-07 05:04:35 PM
Be careful with the Harken 16's. We purchased a set fro Moxie and the chrome top kept flaking off on the inside and jamming the palls. It would cause the winch to spin freely as the palls would not spring back into place. We finally returned them and went with the single speed since they did not have the chrome tops. Maybe we just got a bad batch, but thought I should pass it on.

We are pretty happy with the single speed, but if you had to have 2 speed then I would recommend the lewmar 16's. About the same price and no chromed parts.

For what it is worth, the e27 sailplan was designed around single speed winches. So, according to the designer, we should only need single speed. It depends on who you have sheeting in the genoa though.


:: I am looking at upgrading the jib winches on my Express
:: 27 from Barient 10 to a two speed Harken 16X2. Anybody
:: have any input on this? I have found the Barient 10's
:: inadequate in a good blow, especially for the genoa.
:: Your input would be greatly appreciate!

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