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Author: Thomas Jenkins
Subject: Upgraded Winches
Info: (9123 views) Posted: Thursday 10-18-07 09:54:59 AM
not really, the speed ratio isn't that much better, I just had planned on using the 16's eventually on the cabin top, and adding additional 16's to the genoa, however, I found a set of 32's on ebay for the price of one 32 and decided to add those instead. They are nice in a blow though.

:: Thanks for the input, would you recommend that I go with
:: the 32's over the two speed 16's?
:: ::
:: :: I completed a winch upgrade to the boat about a year ago
:: :: where I replaced the Lewmars with Harkens. I started out
:: :: with the Harken 16's single speed on the genoa winches,
:: :: and have recently moved those to the cabin top for
:: :: halyard use, and placed Harken 32s 2 speed on the genoa.
:: :: The Harken winches are excellent in ALL respects.
:: :: Tom
:: ::
:: :: :: I am looking at upgrading the jib winches on my Express
:: :: :: 27 from Barient 10 to a two speed Harken 16X2. Anybody
:: :: :: have any input on this? I have found the Barient 10's
:: :: :: inadequate in a good blow, especially for the genoa.
:: :: ::
:: :: :: Your input would be greatly appreciate!

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