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Author: Chris Gage ( contact the author
Subject: PHRF rating and Penalty poles
Info: (13941 views) Posted: Friday 8-18-06 06:18:30 PM

Thanks Brendan. Yes your are right are kites are oversize and would require a new spinnaker in order to apply for the rating but the rule from PHRF is very clear on the J length and is publish in the NCPHRF base rate which is currently being used at some regattas specifically the High Sierra Regatta this year. The Local data is base on SF bay sailing but out side of SF Bay there is very little data (think light air). I guess the question, is the extra kite size worth six sec a mile overall.

PS. congrats on the Pac Cup win!

:: I brought this up with YRA once, and was told this
:: penalty is for kite size rather than actual spin pole
:: length (ie, just shortening your pole won't get the 6s
:: reduction). I forget the actual details, but suffice it
:: to say that getting a stock E27 rating changed will be
:: difficult, as there is a lot of local data on the
:: performance of these boats. The PHRF committee tends to
:: take a dim view on modifications and will not make it
:: easier to do better on rating than with the current ODR.

:: --brendan
:: :: Has anyone ever address the fact express 27 is rated in
:: :: PHRF with a penalty pole that mandatory 6 sec
:: :: deduction. That is a significant change in rating and
:: :: seems worthwhile to consider and that six sec for the
:: :: small amount of extra kite marginal.
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