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Author: s sorbie ( contact the author
Subject: TackTicks
Info: (15336 views) Posted: Wednesday 11-9-05 03:46:02 PM
Just playing devils advocate here, but if that is the intention of the rule isn't it just a bit out dated? I mean every hand-held GPS on the market will give you VMG to the mark. You can mount the unit anywhere on the boat. So what's the point. When the rules were written it was probably pretty exotic to have a set up that "integrated" navigation and speed but today it is pretty common. Ask yourself this, if the rule were to change tomorrow would everyone have to run out and buy some fancy equipment to stay competitive? No! I mean compared to a cross sheeting winch assist it seems pretty minor. If someone wants to go spend a fortune on fancy electronics, let them.

:: We have the tacktick wireless set-up on Moxie. BTW,
:: doesn't violate the rules as long as you are just using
:: speed and depth. I believe it becomes integrated if you
:: hook it up to a GPS so it would give you VMG to a mark.
:: But that is just my take on the way the rules are
:: written.
:: The display on the wireless isn't quite as bit as the
:: racemaster. We don't have a problem seeing the numbers
:: though.
:: The up-side to this set-up:

:: 1)no wires going through the deck to the unit. You do
:: still have wires below deck that go from the transducers
:: to the brain. Just none from the brain to the display.

:: 2)It needs minimal juice to run the transducers (i.e.- a
:: 9v battery can do it, although I don't know for how
:: long.)

:: 3)The display can be taken off easily and stored safely.
:: The down-side to this set-up:

:: 1)the display pops off and can be lost overboard (which
:: we have done once and now have a small piece of line to
:: secure it to the cradle just in case).

:: 2)lost programming or synchronization and had to send it
:: back to the manufacturer to get re-programmed (twice in
:: the 3 years we have owned it). Great customer service
:: though and they did it for free except the shipping
:: costs to them.

:: 3) expensive - but what isn't these days.
:: All in all, I would recommend this system as not having
:: wires going through the deck to the mast is a pretty
:: nice thing. Works as good (reliability wise)as any other
:: speedo I have used over the years.

:: -Jason 
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