If you race in the San Francisco Fleet your total dues are$85 Only boats that have paid their dues for that year will be able to vote on fleet issues and race in the Nationals.

San Francisco boats must have paid to qualify for the season and long-distance/laid back series.

The annual dues for Bay Area boats has been increased from $70 to $85. Of this, $75 will go to the local fleet account and $10 will go to the national account. The additional local fleet funds will be used to increase the number of boats receiving awards at the end of each season, subsidize an on-the-water training session, and increase the number of social functions held each year.

The annual dues for non-bay area boats has been decreased from $20 to $10. The entire $10 will go into the national account. Over the past few years, the national account has only been used to pay for website-related fees which aren't much.

If you race outside the San Francisco area your total dues are$10
After May 1 add $10 late fee

Please include your hull number and, in the case of partnerships, the name of the voting owner on your check or as a note in your paypal payment.

Pay with Paypal


Make checks payable to:

"Express 27 Fleet".

and mail to:

Dan Pruzan
2402 Harding Ave
Redwood City, CA 94062

Years: 2006 (38 paid) 2007 (29 paid) 2008 (36 paid) 2009 (28 paid) 2010 (37 paid) 2011 (34 paid) 2012 (38 paid) 2013 (30 paid) 2014 (30 paid) 2015 (28 paid) 2016 (32 paid) 2017 (31 paid) 2018 (29 paid) 2019 (29 paid) 2020 (17 paid) 2021 (21 paid) 2022 (24 paid) 2023 (27 paid) 2024 (7 paid)

2011 dues paid

0Steve Katzmanyesyes
1Brendan Buschyesyes
2Ron Snetsingeryesyes
11Dan Pruzanyesyes
20Jari Laskarzewskiyesyes
26Fred Vossyesyes
29Ross Groelzyesyes
30Bill Parknoyes
31Don Carrollyesyes
33David Carrelyesyes
37Zach Andersonyesyes
41Paul Deedsyesyes
45Michael Moyersnoyes
48Rachel Fogelyesyes
66Larry Laneynoyes
67Nick Gibbensyesyes
68Mark Lowryyesyes
69Peggy Lidsteryesyes
70Phil Krasneryesyes
80Mike Reedyesyes
85Wolfgang Stehryesyes
87Ted Lohrnoyes
91Neal Holmlundyesyes
92John Jacobsnoyes
93Phillip Lundwallnoyes
95Ray Lottoyesyes
96Maryanne Hindenyesyes
101Nat Criouyesyes
102John Rivlinyesyes
103Bill Sumerfieldnoyes
104Yoshi Nakainoyes
107Ralph Deedsnoyes
113Marcia Schnappyesyes
116Tom Jenkinsyesyes
Total Paid2534