Express 27: Sex at Sea?

"Fear heightens my sexuality," says Auckland's Carolyn

"Itís exciting to watch a knowledgeable and experienced skipperís prowess on a boat," admits Carolyn Versage, a pretty redhead from Auckland. "Sailing with such a man heightens my sexual experience with him." A skipper naturally has a chance to show off his masculine skills more on a boat than in a bank.

Even though Carolyn has only been sailing a few years, she loves the sport as well as the men who participate. Two years ago she made a very rapid cruise from Los Angeles to Cabo with her lover on a small, light boat (E-27). She says she was "turned on" the entire time.

"Even when we couldnít consummate it, she says, "I still felt the excitement and stimulation."

Itís Carolynís observation that she changes on a boat but--unlike the women previously interviewed--not for the less passionate. In addition to feeling more sexually aroused, she also becomes more mellow as well as less aggressive and less self-centered. The rougher the weather, she adds, the more turned on she becomes.

"Fear heightens my sexuality," she claims, "but only when I have complete confidence the skipper knows what heís doing."

No, weíre not giving out her telephone number.

Latitude 38, Volume 127, January 1988