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Author: Mike Bruzzone ( contact the author
Subject: Express 27 survey needed
Info: (15322 views) Posted: Monday 11-27-06 11:38:56 AM

I've seen the Top Gun recently . . . the boats in great shape . . . except the bulk head needs a new support brace . . . and I'd replace the phillips round head bolts (tack fitting, after lower fitting, back stay fitting) with good 3 or 4 star hex heads . . . update the after lower brace attachment at the seats with U-bolt/marine eye arrangement.

The boat is sailable, however, needs the bulkhead vertical legs (forward) lenghtened to just above the hull, making sure the bulkhead is (again) in an even vertical plane, with new horizontal piece fore and aft. This type of repair was the subject of an earlier mail still on the site.

The bulkhead actually is not in bad condition . . . but its only a matter of time and hard sailing.

I put those big bolts through the horizontal piece years ago for the original owner.

Bruce Sibley is a good surveyor.

I don't think the boat needs to be surveyed . . .its in real good shape except for the bulkhead and minor upgrades.


:: :: Need a survey done in Alameda by someone familiar with
:: :: the inherent Express 27
:: :: problems- bulkhead failures, deck problems, etc. Any
:: :: suggestions? Phone numbers needed to contact too. Does
:: :: Kim D. do surveys?
:: :: Thanks!!, Dave

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