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Author: Joe B. ( contact the author
Subject: Lightship
Info: (10757 views) Posted: Monday 3-27-06 02:18:47 PM
Some of you may have heard the chatter, but I'm still alive and my boat is not for sale. It was pretty wild out there. We witnessed one or two turnbacks, one dismasting, and one Olson 30 with all crew in the cabin.

Never done so much knarly surfing to the point of rudder cavitation - crew says we got up to 17.7 on one long ride.

On the return leg before Mile Rock, we got into a nasty jibe and had 3.5 people in the water at one point, but all on tethers. Eventually everyone was pulled aboard, but we called for the Coasties to transfer a hypothermic crew member.

We crossed the finish, but minus crew and myself, so we DNF'd ourselves. Congratulations to Despy as we saw him to be one of the first Expresses to round Lightship and likely to place high in the overall MORA division too.

Joe B.

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