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Author: Zachery Anderson ( contact the author
Info: (8437 views) Posted: Monday 8-3-15 03:35:52 PM
Oh Baby...I know this year is going to be great. I have seen the work Matt is doing to get CYC ready to rock. The fleet has had some great turnouts this year and some awesome racing. The registration page is already posted here:

We will also have a tune up on Sept 12th.


:: Trying to get morale up for Nationals. Goal is to get
:: 25+++ boats and make a statement as the best one design
:: fleet on the bay. CYC race committee did an awesome job
:: this weekend at One Design Invitational. There should be
:: 70-90 boats on the bay maybe? We can do it. CYC has
:: great deck too. Always a plus. Lots of boats for sale
:: and big numbers might get them in SF racers hands.
:: I race 505s and the great thing they do is debriefs
:: after everyday. We have some of the best upwind sailors
:: or all around sailors on the bay. Dan, Rivlins, Brendan,
:: Will is okay, and the list goes on. If you want to take
:: your sailing to the next level come out and learn from
:: these guys. Then try to kick their ass!
:: Andale fired up coming out. Conrad? We could use some
:: personality. Marcia or Mikey try to get Big Bang Theory?
:: Salty Hotel take nationals first year? Shenanigans let
:: Will know you're still the head honcho? Make Me Smile?
:: Magic Bus? Peggy? Any of the guys from up North planning
:: on coming down? We had 14 for the Ditch I think. If
:: everyone buys in we can def get a huge turnout. Nothing
:: like starting on a line with 20 plus. So many races
:: within the race.

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