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Author: Steve K
Subject: Some Other Great Races to Consider
Info: (3474 views) Posted: Monday 3-2-15 11:03:42 AM
Hey Oliver, Thanks for the message. DIANNE will be there for Corinthian SSS, Around the Rocks SSS, Dble Lightship.

:: Some other great races not on the main schedule to
:: consider:
:: March 21- DH Corinthians---it's part of the SSS season
:: schedule. We had a ton of boats for this last year and
:: it's a great distance/bay tour race. We are doing it.
:: Love to get 15 for this. Could be a 3BF repeat with
:: wind.
:: April 11th-DH Lightship
:: April 18th-Round The Rocks-on the SSS schedule. Double
:: handed. Going to do this if no conflicts.
:: May 22nd-Spinnaker Cup-I know Matt Krogstad is doing
:: this. We might do it if no conflicts. Leaning towards
:: doing it.
:: August 22nd/23rd-Drakes Bay Race.....on SSS season
:: schedule. Doing this if no conflicts.
:: September 4th-Windjammers....totally not on my radar but
:: just saw it so throwing it on here.
:: September 19th-Half Moon Bay....on SSS season schedule.
:: Would be great to get some boats out. Especially for the
:: Bay stuff. See you out there.

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