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Author: Joe B.
Subject: Main Hatch securing
Info: (5821 views) Posted: Sunday 12-28-14 02:10:48 AM
Hi Paul,

Check the "Photos" section. I uploaded 3 images that will give you some ideas. I've asked TAZ, another SHTP veteran to post his method also.

What I liked about the low stretch poly shock cord is that while still secured, you can manually grab and pull the hatch board up, place it in the cockpit or inside of the boat on the hull floor/bunk.

It's never unclasped, so won't wash overboard or get lost amongst all your gear in the dark.

Makes some improvements or show us your method too please. BTW, the shiny shock cord I got at Svens in Alameda, but it's standard stuff I've seen at West Marine. Comes in red, yellow and black, too I think. Great UV and chafe resistance.

Joe B. Archimedes

:: Thank you Joe that is very helpful information. Any
:: pictures you have time to post will be greatly
:: appreciated.

:: You can also email me at if
:: that is easier.
:: :: For the coastal waters, I can imagine some scenarios
:: :: where water would intrude into the main companionway in
:: :: a capsize, wave breaking over the transom, or even
:: :: complete rollover. Thus, the requirements for a secured
:: :: hatch. I am also reminded, that a secured hatch keeps
:: :: things from leaving the cabin.
:: ::
:: :: For the SF bay, I can imagine a boat on its ear, chute
:: :: in the water near a rounding, someone hits you and spins
:: :: the cockpit into the chop or the collision helps roll
:: :: the vessel past 90 degrees.
:: ::
:: :: For SHTP, I also used a rubber/poly shock cord that
:: :: allowed me to keep the hatch tensioned down while
:: :: secured to the sliding hatch.
:: ::
:: :: I prefer thick polycarbonate so I can also see what's
:: :: going on while I am downstairs. For the ocean, I also
:: :: take a second wooden hatch with me that doubles as a
:: :: portable nav/chart table.
:: ::
:: :: Some like a 2 piece hatch that comes up to the height of
:: :: the seats. If you take a breaking wave on the transom,
:: :: this will help reduce the amount water that gets flushed
:: :: in the cabin. I will take some pics and post.
:: ::
:: :: :: It was before my time, but I heard the Racoon Straights
:: :: :: sinking was due to water going in the open front
:: :: :: hatch...
:: :: ::
:: :: :: Maybe someone is knows for sure can chime in...

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