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Author: Joe B.
Subject: Leaky chainplates
Info: (1372 views) Posted: Tuesday 9-3-13 10:42:28 PM
Mike has an interesting idea with the liquid polysulfide. Maybe that creeps down into the gaps better.

After the epoxy has been cut for the new chain plate slot, I filed about 1/16" to 1/8" gap around the chain plate deck. I also gave the deck a chamfer (sp?) or bevel so I can get more sealant in there. I have used regular polysulfide (LifeCalk) and forced it down into the chain plates with a putty knife until it really oozed out from below decks. Afterward, I like to tension the rig immediately.

What I like about the deck plate is that it shields the sealant from UV.

One year I used 3M 4200, and it lasted about 8 months before it started to progressively weep. I don't think it's elastic enough.


:: Hi - my port chainplates are leaking badly. I read the
:: article posted on the site and may attempt the
:: recommendation.
:: A boat builder suggested the following. Anyone know if
:: this is a good idea? Is it street legal?
:: Basically the idea is to weld the beauty plate to the
:: chainplate that way the water can't travel straight down
:: but has to work around the edges of the plate. Then seal
:: it all up as per normal.
:: Thanks,

:: Matt

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