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Author: Joe B.
Subject: Original Outside Tracks Removal Help
Info: (1276 views) Posted: Monday 7-22-13 03:58:43 PM
Let me clarify the "impact wrench." Actually an impact driver with a 3 pound hammer.

:: When I re-skidded my deck, I had the same problem trying
:: those gunnel tracks (not slotted toe rails on my boat).
:: I used a heat gun, impact wrench, short crow bar and a
:: wood block to protect the deck from damage. It took me
:: an an hour to remove 2 fasteners, so I just rolled
:: around them. If I had to do it again, I would use a
:: propane torch to direct the heat over the steel
:: fasteners. Good Luck!
:: Joe B.
:: :: Hey,
:: ::
:: :: We had some damage to our boat and need to remove the
:: :: original black steel tracking that runs up the outsides
:: :: of the deck. We were able to get all the screws off from
:: :: inside the hull but these tracks are proving to be
:: :: nearly impossible to pry up. We pounded the screws with
:: :: hammers/mallets from the interior and simply tried to
:: :: unscrew the screws from the the exterior but they are
:: :: completely frozen in. I know many of you have completely
:: :: removed the tracking and we're curious if there was some
:: :: sort of secret to getting them off? Thanks in advance.
:: ::
:: :: Oliver

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