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Author: Joe B.
Subject: Stanchions - removing or shortening
Info: (5632 views) Posted: Monday 7-11-11 07:20:45 AM
I had greater difficulty taking mine off the second time in about 7 years. I imagine more gunk and more bend. Both times I sprayed some WD-40, but maybe a non-hydrocarbon based silicon spray might be better for the gelcoat. Then I took my biggest screw driver and twisted them side to side n up slowly. I think using the jack or the boom to help in the upward motion is a good idea. Don't fall off the boat!


:: You should be able to remove the stanchions from the
:: deck. Perhaps you could try using a car jack attached to
:: a loop of rope at the top of the stanchion or perhaps a
:: clamp on the stanchion. My suggestion: Leave the aft
:: stanchions alone at 18 inches above the deck and cut 6
:: inches off the bottom of the forward stanchions, leaving
:: the class minimum of 12 inches above the deck. Some
:: people attach whiffle balls next to the forward
:: stanchion to help the jib around.
:: :: The stanchions on my boat are still stock length and
:: :: catch the sail as we tack.
:: ::
:: :: I can not remove the stanchions to cut them. How do you
:: :: do that or can I cut the top and put a cap on top?
:: ::
:: :: Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
:: ::
:: :: Thanks,
:: :: Curt

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