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Author: Mike Bruzzone ( contact the author
Subject: whoops thst 100# not 1100#
Info: (16478 views) Posted: Wednesday 12-19-07 09:32:04 AM

Whoops that's a typo . . . adding 100#s to the weight limit makes its easier to get crew for participating all year long. 1100#s would too but that also increases admin which I'm trying to lessen.


:: Hi Jason:
:: As I suggested, being able to selcect from a wider cast
:: of crew through the season raises the possibility of
:: sustaining a consistent effort over the season.
:: Raising the crew weight limit 1100#s enables this wider
:: selection of crew people over the season. And that can
:: positively effect participation over the season.
:: Participation also exposes more peole to E27 and
:: subsequebntly there are more3 potential oweners over the
:: long term.
:: I don't race fleet series for two reasons, first, the
:: 880# weight limit is a hassle that raises my hurdle for
:: sustaining a crew all season long. Second, lacking a
:: sustainable crew boat handling suffers. So, I focus on
:: the Fun Series.
:: There you have it. I don't race the primary fleet series
:: becuase the 880# weight limit limits my ability to get a
:: sustainable crew over the length of that series. As I
:: believe it also does for others Others please chime in.
:: mb

:: .
:: :: RE.."I'd open the fleet to all drivers."
:: ::
:: :: Our fleet is already open to any and all drivers. The
:: :: only limitations on non-owner driver is for nationals
:: :: and that is only for one trophy. There is a specific
:: :: trophy for the best placed owner who also drives. This
:: :: leaves the door wide open for any "rock-stars" that want
:: :: to come in and drive. How many years has Dave Hodges
:: :: been driving boats without being an owner.
:: ::
:: :: RE..." I don't think raising the weight limit 100# will
:: :: really increase or decrease participation".
:: ::
:: :: I completely agree and until we hear from owners that
:: :: say they are not racing because the weight limit is to
:: :: low, it is only speculation.
:: ::
:: :: Any more thoughts specific to increasing fleet
:: :: participation?

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