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Author: Mike Bruzzone ( contact the author
Subject: 2008 Season Survey
Info: (15430 views) Posted: Saturday 11-10-07 10:00:27 AM
On the survey, I was wondering of the 12 of 21 votes for somehow altering the weight limit; how many of those were unique votes. Do over 1/2 of the votes cast indicate further dialogue necessary on the framework of the weight limit?

Also, of the votes cast, how many are going to make an effort to support the LD Fun Series as a Series in total. If for example there are six boats committed to the LD Fun, and they all voted for no weight limit, then I think there should be no weight limit.

I'd also like to suggest that once the series participants are known; and perhaps each us us should indicate our prime series interest, then, shouldn't the LD/Fun Series interested boats be able to define the rules which make that series a stand alone series. And, I suggest this is the important consideration; a stand alone series. These suggestions because I don't believe boats who are not interested in the LD/Fun series, should quite frankly, have as much weight in the say for this series.


:: Eric; congrats on the new position, if you ever need an
:: extra hand with anything don't hesitate to ask.

:: Mark; congrats on being over with it, nice job.
:: :: Folks,
:: ::
:: :: Sorry for the delay in posting the survey results.
:: ::
:: :: For the class weight limit, there were 21 votes to keep
:: :: it at 880 and 5 votes to raise it. So we will keep it at
:: :: 880.
:: ::
:: :: For the LD/Fun series, there were 18 votes to use the
:: :: current scoring system and 1 vote for a low point
:: :: scoring system. So, the current scoring system will be
:: :: used for both series.
:: ::
:: :: For the LD/Fun weight limit, there were 18 votes to keep
:: :: it at 880 pounds, 6 votes for no weight limit, and 1
:: :: vote for a modified system which uses half of the
:: :: skipper's weight. So, we'll keep both series at 880.
:: ::
:: :: For Fleet Captain, Eric Deeds will take over from Mark.
:: :: To ease the transition, Mark will stay on for 2008 with
:: :: help from Eric, and Eric will take over in 2009.
:: ::
:: :: We are still finalizing the schedule for 2008, but it
:: :: should be out soon.
:: ::
:: :: Thanks to everyone who participated.
:: ::
:: :: Dan

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