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Author: Joe B.
Subject: Long Distance Fun Series - February
Info: (6667 views) Posted: Friday 10-5-07 12:54:39 PM
I won't be racing at all in Feb, but if I could, I would tend not to come to Corinthian for short distance races. -Joe B.

:: February LD/Fun Series Race Suggestion:
:: For the February LD/Fun Series race, I'm suggesting
:: Saturday Corinthian only on February 16th or 23rd. Its
:: usually the third weekend of the month. If there's
:: agreement on this I will work on the one day entry fee
:: with CYC. So, that is the weekend after Berkeley
:: midwinter.
:: The regatta includes a Saturday night dinner/dance. I've
:: suggested Saturday only as the Alameda boats have stated
:: in the past that its a lot of extra work taking the
:: boats home kitty corner to this race course area late
:: Sunday afternoon.
:: If we were to do both days, I would. However, wanted to
:: take into account one of the objections I've heard in
:: the past from the Alameda boats.
:: The course lengths for CYC midwinters are 4 to 10 miles.
:: On a good wind day there is plenty of after race dock
:: festivities. One a bad wind day the race course is
:: shortened with at club festivities in mind.
:: I am not oppossed to this race being the first LD/Fun
:: Series race for the season, given the after race social,
:: dinner dance that evening. Becuase of the festivities I
:: think CYC Saturday midwinter is a great way to start the
:: season LD/Fun series.
:: mb

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