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Author: Chris Gage ( contact the author
Subject: Which Midwinter Series???
Info: (11637 views) Posted: Saturday 9-22-07 08:47:13 AM
HI Express 27 sailors I would like to propose that the fleet consider the Berkley midwinter series and Sailing on Sunday. There are less boats overall out on Sunday and the4 fleet starts 2nd instead of fourth and would have better sailing with less traffic.

Please consider sailing Berkley Sunday's instead of Saturday

:: With the midwinter series just around the corner, we
:: need to decide on a series to attend as a fleet.
:: Remember the days when we could get 30 boats on the
:: starting line????? Let's show the other fleets just how
:: strong we are and unite for a great midwinter series!!!

:: The only question is which series we want to attend as a
:: class.

:: OPTION #1 - Berkeley midwinter's (Dates - Nov. 10, Dec.
:: 8, Jan. 12, Feb. 9) This series has always been a lot of
:: fun and has typically resulted in the largest number of
:: boats on the line. Last year we went back to this series
:: and though we had 22 boats signed up for the series, we
:: only saw between 11 and 14 boats on any race day. There
:: is only one race a day and the courses can be reachy at
:: times since fixed marks are used.

:: OPTION #2 - RegattaPro midwinter series. (Dates -
:: November 3, Dec. 1, Jan 5, Feb 2) This series is not run
:: by a yacht club, but rather Jeff Zarwell and his company
:: at RegattaPro. We have attended this series in the past
:: but the number of participants has never been as good as
:: the old days at BYC. The advantages to this series is
:: there are two races on each day and he doesn't use fixed
:: marks.

:: Bottom line, we need to get together and decide on a
:: midwinter series. This year we are going to go with
:: majority vote to make the decision. So, just send me an
:: e-mail and tell me which option you want to do.
:: Whichever series gets the most number of votes (only one
:: vote per boat though) will be the series we sail this
:: winter.


:: Cheers,

:: Jason Crowson

:: #83 Moxie

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