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Author: Jason
Subject: Nationals in Detroit
Info: (6532 views) Posted: Friday 6-29-07 03:26:12 PM
I couldn't agree with you more Tom. The problem is the majority of the SF fleet do not want to trailer their boats. Most people won't even do the ditch run, which is only 67 miles East, because of the trailering aspect. Pretty hard to talk them into trailering all the way to Detroit.

I would be up for it in 2009 or later.

:: Speaking of Nationals.... when if ever is the Class
:: going to hold the Nationals with the Detroit fleet
:: again. I know logistically it can be a pain to get the
:: west coast boats back east, but I think having the
:: Nationals back east does a couple of things; First it
:: shows interest in the local fleet by Class authority,
:: which should strengthen the local fleets. Second, it
:: allows all of us Bay Area boats to sail somewhere new.
:: Also it helps the smaller fleets to get excited and
:: ramped up for more sailing, this a more active
:: Class..... Just a thought.....
:: I would certainly take my boat back east. Anyone want to
:: chime in fromt he Mid West????

:: Tom

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