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Author: Zachery Anderson ( contact the author
Subject: Tunning Clinic #2 Saling Instructions
Info: (6787 views) Posted: Friday 9-4-15 10:38:16 AM

A. RULES This event will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the US Sailing Prescriptions and these Sailing Instructions. There will be no scoring and any points during the event will not count towards the Express 27 Season Trophies. This is a purely voluntary effort no one is being paid. All boats should run RaceQs on their phone and they will be combined for further review.

All participants take responsibility for their own liability for agreeing to participate in this event. Have fun play it close but NO CONTACT!

B. SAFETY Boats shall not impede the passage of a vessel, which can safely navigate only within a narrow channel or fairway, (see US Dept. of Commerce chart 18649 for designated narrow channels and fairways of SF Bay) or fishing or other vessel with restricted ability to maneuver. Personal safety is the responsibility of the each individual while racing. While wearing a personal flotation device (PFD) is not a requirement of this event, it is encouraged.

D. STARTING TIMES AND LOCATION Unless otherwise notified, all racing will be in the vicinity of Southampton near the Richmond breakwater. The RC will move the racing area to find suitable wind for the event. First waring is at 11:00 AM and the last warning will start no later than 3:00 PM. All drills start with a running 3 minuet clock. There will be a practice start at 3 and the race starts at 6 mins.

E. COURSES AND MARKS Courses will be relayed by radio CH 69 or horn from the committee boat. 1. Start weather mark to port and round pin end of the start line to port to finish. (must have jib up and kite mostly down like the real thing) 2. Start weather mark to port with mandatory jibe set then round start line to port to finish. 3. Start weather mark to port then round start line to port to finish .Each boat must do a penalty turn upwind and down wind. The head of the kite must be below the gooseneck to count per the rules. 4. Start- all boats must be dead stop on the line for both practice and real start- weather mark to port then round start line to port to finish. 5. Start- 2 laps with pin end to port- mandatory sail change from #1 to #3 on the first downwind leg then round start line to port to finish. 6. Start- tack on signal from coach boat following up wind via VHF or horn.

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