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Author: Chris Gage
Subject: Lewmar Hatch
Info: (1986 views) Posted: Monday 2-14-11 08:22:32 AM
If you call Lewmar they will refer you a plastic shop ( that will completely rebuild your hatch for $399.00 with a warranty as well as sell you replacement parts.

Whale point marine ( in Pt Richmond quoted me $399.00 on a new low profile hatch. If you want to repair it yourself, Tap plastics in SJ will sell you a replacement glass for about $75.00 and I would recommend using of life seal to glue it back inů

:: Pyacht list them on their web site


:: I see 3 models available low and medium profile and
:: ocean

:: Size 60 corresponds to a cut out. List for $ 376, $415
:: and $554

:: I understand there is a need for spacer to make possible
:: to have it face aft.

:: Don't know if that refers to just low and medium or all
:: profiles.

:: In my search I find pyacht least inexpensive on most
:: hardware.
:: ::
:: ::
:: :: I cracked my front hatch and am looking to replace,
:: :: anybody know who carries this? I may also try to repair
:: :: but may not be worth it.
:: ::
:: :: Thanks,
:: ::
:: :: Howard

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