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Author: Tibor Ipavic ( contact the author
Subject: lost to KATRINA
Info: (12979 views) Posted: Tuesday 9-6-05 11:05:31 AM

It breaks my heart to hear your story, personally, for you, and also the loss of another EX27 from the fleet. I can't imagine how bad I would feel if I were in your shoes. I just hope your home and family hasn't suffered as much . . .

I'd like to send you a shirt . . . gratis, just because. I designed them and am glad you liked it.

I hope the hull can be saved in some way. If not, I would be interested in sails since mine are pretty much toast, especially after these Nationals. I'm especially, interested in the carbon spinnaker pole. Can't use it for One-Design but I could use it for PHRF races.

Is the mast trashed, too?

You can email me direct at:

(H) (W)

Again, my heartfelt sympathies for everyone down there. I don't even want to see the news about it - it sounds so terrible I can hardly believe it.

Most Sincerely Yours, Tibor Ipavic

KOLIBRI - Hull #117

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