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Author: Don ( contact the author
Subject: Express Hull #10 - For Sale
Info: (158 views) Posted: Monday 7-8-19 05:26:44 PM
For sale is Hull #10 express - Hotsheets.

This boat is in good shape and comes with the following items.

1. Sails - Main and Genoa are in good shape (7-8/10) 2 years old and supplied by Quantum - Will Paxton. The jib is a Pineapple dacron and in good shape (7/10) .. used maybe 20 times. The spinnaker is Pineapple and in good shape (6/10). There are various other beer can sails but would use them for practice or a Sunday sail. Overall you can race and be competitive with the sails. 2. Trailer - The trailer was rebuilt with the surge tongue, brakes, lights, etc. Other than a coat of paint on the steel and tires, everything else is one year old. 3. Mast - The mast is black in colour and has high tech non stretch rigging. The boom vang is a solid vang. 4. Traveler / Main Sheet - The traveller car was replaced and has the 4:1 standard mainsheet setup. 5. Deck and Hull - The deck has had all hardware removed and filled with epoxy. There is one soft spot on the port chain plate. Otherwise the deck is solid. The deck has had the compasses removed and filled with fiberglass. The instruments on the bulkhead have been removed and repaired as well. The deck is ok to sail but would need some finishing and nonskid paint. Fairly easy to do if you have any experience with this. The hull is solid with no soft spots. 6. Motor - The motor is a yamaha 2 1/2 hp motor. It was bought brand new and runs very well. There may be 100 hours on it. 7. Comes with the Velocitek Prostart and life jackets.

Overall the boat is in good shape and ready to sail. It would need the deck to be finished to qualify as a top looking boat. Comes with many nice features and accessories. Sails are strong and will put you competitive on the race course.

I am selling this as I am getting out of sailing and no time to work on it.

Photos available on request but there are some on the website under

Contact me at the email with any questions

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