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Author: Yoshi ( contact the author
Subject: Hull #88 back in the water
Info: (1689 views) Posted: Monday 9-10-18 12:28:13 PM

Congratulation. Since you put the boat together, i thought you know the answe to my question on “how do I take off the Rudder from E27?”. I need to repair soft spot durin winter season. I am a new owner ( since 12/2017) and many things to learn. Thanks.

:: Greetings!
:: Hull #88 is now back in the water in Harbor Springs, MI.
:: Most of the work was putting her back together with no
:: instructions as every single part and piece was taken
:: off the boat. Key items worked on were:

:: - Full re-rigging of mast halyards and most lines/sheets
:: - New compasses mounted in bulkhead
:: - New batteries and marine radio
:: - Greased the winches
:: - Serviced a 5 HP and 2 HP outboard motor
:: - New windex
:: Thanks to many of your who helped answer queries as we
:: put it back together.
:: Photos of the boat in the water and under sail are up in
:: the Hull #88 photo album.
:: More upgrades needed over the winter (GPS, instruments,
:: back stay rigging, etc.) but my Dad wanted to get her in
:: the water for the final few weeks of the season up
:: there. Now I have to teach him how to sail a bit!
:: Ryan
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